Are You Getting Enough Sleep Before Playing Poker?

Online poker is a game of psychological warfare that requires astounding mental ability to sustain and flourish. An adequate measure of reasoning, cross thinking odds, decision making, and a savage degree of reverse psychology is applied in online poker competitions and cash games particularly when playing against the professionals.

Therefore, you need to be robust and have a strong mentality if you want to withstand the tough decisions and situations that you face. In this blog, we’ll be talking about how getting the right amount of sleep can be vital in how you play the following session.

Disadvantages of not getting enough sleep:

  • You will lose focus: Poker is a mentally challenging and taxing game. You need to maintain focus for considerably long periods of time. You have to be aware of your opponent’s game in order to defeat them and this is possible only with razor sharp focus and alertness which is unachievable without 7-8 hours of sleep.
  • Your patience will be tested: In the event that you are playing a competition for any stake you consider fit, you realize you should endure a long session. There will be interesting hands, there will be dead hands, there will be awful beats and there will be dry boards. It will be a long grind and you will have to endure them all until you are in the cash! Without enough rest, you will undoubtedly lose it on one of these events and that will be the end for all the difficult work you put in.
  • Lose important information: Without enough sleep, you will start to forget little details and things that you might have prepared for before the session. If you do not sleep enough before your big game, chances are you won’t be remembering any of the good stuff and wake up with a cluttered mind!

Let’s list out some easy solutions to how you can improve your sleep routine!

  • Avoid drinking coffee or tea at night, replace it with a cup of green tea or any herbal tea to sleep better.
  • Reduce your time with the smartphone, keep it in silent mode and avoid staring at the screen before sleep time.
  • Include physical activity in the morning, it could be a mix of cardio and yoga.
  • Practice meditation every day for at least 15 minutes to improve your focus.
  • Keep your sleeping room clean and clutter free.
  • Listen to healing music to reduce stress and induce deep sleep.

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