Baccarat: the game of the rich and famous

Since its inception, baccarat has been associated with the rich and famous of the world. In the beginning, it was normal to arrive at the casinos and see elegant men in suits, accompanied by beautiful women dressed in the latest fashion, at the baccarat table. Why did this happened? We don’t know exactly when the game became a symbol of the elite, but the reality is that to this day it continues to be so and every time we see someone playing baccarat in a movie or in a casino we think they have a lot of class. In the beginning, to be able to play a lot of cash was needed. Luckily, today, with the advancement of online casinos, playing is much easier and more accessible.

The main objective of the game is to have a hand that is worth nine. Each player is placed around the bank and to win you must bet on the player’s hand, on the bank or home or on the tie. The objective is to guess which of the two will get, with the cards in his hand, a total of points as close to nine as possible.

James Bond in Goldfinger

The most famous spy in the movie world was always a fan of baccarat. He can be seen playing baccarat in an enormous number of novels and films since his debut in 1953. In Casino Royale, the plot of the film revolves around a game of baccarat where the agent must face his enemies at a casino table . This occurs in the first edition of the film, since in 2006 the agent is playing poker.

Akio Kashiwagi, a legendary winner

This Japanese real estate investor known as “The Warrior” was, in addition to being a millionaire, a huge fan of casino games and gambling. He rose to fame for his giant bets at the Las Vega and Atlantic City casinos.

While he was a fan of the casino itself, he was mostly known for playing baccarat for large sums of money. From $ 100,000 to $ 200,000 per hand and maintaining this rate for hours and hours. He was part of many troublesome encounters with the world’s largest casinos and lost $ 10 million in a single play at one of Donald Trump’s casinos.

Does the house always win at Baccarat?

If you are new to baccarat you have to know that the most important thing when playing for real money is that the strategy depends entirely on your bet. If you bet correctly you win or you don’t lose as much as you could.

One of the best strategies you can take is to bet on the house, as it is believed that it always has an advantage. The reality is that the margin of this possible advantage is minimal, but between the player and the house, there is a tendency to believe that the house has more chances. This does not mean that you do not bet on yourself. If you feel like you have a good hand, follow your heart and play how you like best.

Kerry Packer how to win at baccarat?

Kerry Packer was a gambling enthusiast known around the world primarily for his huge profits and losses. A very interesting anecdote is about a losing streak that lasted about three weeks and that cost him almost $ 28 million. Not only is it an incredible amount of money, but it was also the largest money loss in the history of British casinos. However, for Packer it was not all that bad, in the same visit to Las Vegas he made $ 33,000,000.

Although he was a recognized and respected figure by many casinos, the truth is that he made a huge difference in the finances of each of the places he went. On one of his London holidays he played £ 15 million at four roulette tables and lost absolutely everything.

The Greek union

A famous group of casino players formed in Paris in 1919 who mainly played no-limit baccarat. They were all recognized for being very smart and knowing a lot about math and statistics. One of its members, Nicholás Zographos, was known to have a photographic memory, which allowed him to know and remember all the cards that were in play. The group’s approach was always linked to mathematics and the chances of winning by applying scientific methods.

Now that you know a little more about the history of this iconic casino game, do you think you can put it to the test? In Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Chile and Colombia it is very popular and luckily it escapes the elite idea, but it still maintains the most important thing: fun and strategy. The next time you feel like feeling like James Bond, keep in mind that you can play Baccarat at Bodog Casino .

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