Battletech Mech Tactics: Blackjack

Tactically let’s jump over to some Battletech medium mechs and explore that Blackjack.

Making the jump from light to medium means one now starts to have the tonnage to mount not only some more armor, but also more weapons systems- a few primary weapons or a primary/secondary set of weapons.

The Blackjack begins with a pair of arm mounted AC/2, which is often dismissed by many as weak for a medium mech- countered by the AC/2 is not the primary weapons of this mech- the medium lasers are.

The autocannons give it extreme range with low heat, allowing the mech to lay down constant fire on a target as the lance approaches or if defending as opposing units come into range.

This pair of autocannons with the range can operate against vtol or air targets while also striking vehicles at range with motive hits to stall or immobilize them.

As the mech closes, it switches to four medium lasers, which when combined with jump jets gives it some interesting options in terms of attack mobility- while continuing to lay down shots with the autocannons.

As a medium mech, for the tonnage and low-ish battle value the Blackjack is an interesting fusion of long-range support mech and close in attacker.

More Blackjack tactica in my BATTLETECH vlog below.

See you in the game!

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