Bay Ridge BINGO Card Appears Online

October 18, 2020

Andrew Gounardes NYS Senator

Andrew Gounardes NYS Senator

Bay Ridge residents pulled out their BINGO cards this week on social media.

Residents want a change from the current situation.

Senator Andrew Gounardes and Councilman Brannan are not responding to conditions in the neighborhood. While police searched for a man, who attempted to attack an 85 year old woman, both politicians were silent. Helicopters were overhead from 11:30 – 4:00 pm and not one politician gave the neighborhood a heads up about dangerous man being in the neighborhood.

Senator Gounardes waited until almost 5:00 pm to let people know.

My BINGO card has: Press Release Politics in almost every box! Get ready to have the wool pooled over your eyes this week Bay Ridge.


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