Bingo B side requires PVP? no thanks!

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There was almost no way they could f up, but still it happened.

I do wonder. When you have FPSs that are far more demanding of connection response times, it makes you think. But they tend to have regional and often third-party servers to cater to that need. There was little point to deploying those when the game was aimed at Japan only, and the organisation required to do it to try to make Global a little more fair is probably not worth it even with it being something the global coverage of Azure should be able to help with.

On the other hand, the swiki (JP) Battle Arena page has an FAQ with several questions about lag. Of particular note (and subject to Google Translate)

This happens because PSO2 only synchronizes in seconds, which is the minimum necessary, and the client side of the attacking player determines whether the attack was successful or not.

Synchronization occurs from the moment you jump and attack, and otherwise synchronization occurs approximately every second.

So basically if you want to reduce being killed after you’ve escaped around a corner, jump around a lot lol. But the point is this appears to be a problem even in Japan, if likely to a lesser extent than e.g. playing Global from Europe/Australia. Makes you wonder the basis on which they decided it was acceptable, though.

(Personally I still think the severity and frequency of one-sided games and regularly playing out the tedium of 3+ minutes for a nigh-guaranteed loss is a far bigger bane of PVP. Who enjoys regularly wasting their time? By comparison, losing a one-on-one you would have won with a level playing field is only a moment of frustration.)

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