Closing the Door On Evil

I was going to go into depth about how my older sister abused me, but I have decided that my last blog was the last time I will ever let her make me look bad. I am not sharing any of my hard feelings because they left me last night when I decided to not let her have one more minute of my life. I will not waste energy on someone who wants to do me harm. She was smug and happy that I was so torn apart when I confronted her. She does not even deserve a bad story written about her. She does not get to destroy me ever again. Funny thing, she did not destroy me. Her betrayals will never get my attention again. So, I am free. I do not have to say anything bad about her. Her life speaks for itself. The door is closed to my heart. I am going to be extra careful who I let into my soul from now on. I am using my time here in my diary to write about how to move on from toxic people. I have become toxic to myself for going back to try to make peace so many times. I have made myself sick trying to make her love me. I really do not live off her love anymore. So the door to her evil mouth is closed. The door to peace is before me in my silence about what she has done. Let her live with herself. I am sure she will have no problem doing that.

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