COVID-19 In Pennsylvania: Doctor Says Philadelphia ‘Actually Doing A Really Good Thing’ By …

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Temporary COVID-19 restrictions on indoor dining and gyms in Pennsylvania will soon be lifted in some parts of the commonwealth. Depending on where you live, you will see some businesses open come Monday.

So many restrictions and dates to remember. They’ve been up and down since the beginning of the pandemic. Starting on Monday across the state of Pennsylvania, gyms will reopen.

Gyms have spent the past few weeks undergoing intense cleaning so people with New Year’s resolutions to get back in the gym can follow through with that. In-person sports, afterschool activities, indoor dining, casinos, museums, and theaters will also resume.

Indoor dining will resume across the state but not in Philadelphia. That will be restricted until Jan. 15 as will theaters, casinos, and other indoor events in the city.

“I do think that Philadelphia is actually doing a really good thing. I’ll tell you why. We are starting to see people who have come back from vacation now saying, ‘Can I be tested? I was just opposed to someone in another state and they’re quarantining now,’” Dr. Rob Danoff, Director of the Jefferson Health Northeast COVID-19 testing center, said. “And we’re concerned over the next two to four weeks, certainly the next two weeks, we may see an increase in the number of cases. And then in the next four weeks, in that period, we may see more hospitalizations. I think it was a really good move by the part of Philadelphia because they anticipated this travel.”

Health officials are expecting more cases over the next two weeks and additional hospitalizations over the next four weeks — hence the reason Philadelphia is pacing itself.


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