Five Reasons Why NJ Online Casino Revenue Cruised To Almost $90 Million Again

The NJ online casino industry generated $87.6 million in revenue in September, and that’s good enough for its second-best month ever.

The number is down fractionally from August’s all-time high of $87.7 million.

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement released the latest report on Oct. 15,

This makes it five-straight months in which NJ online casino revenue has soared past $80 million.

Plus the majority of the license holders saw year-over-year increases of 83% or better. As far as gaming revenue goes, Golden Nugget still holds the crown, but the competition is closing the gap

With that in mind, here’s a close look at five topics that stand out from the latest revenue report.

1. Borgata + BetMGM gaining market share

The MGM-owned Borgata is the market leader when it comes total gaming revenue. But it’s hard to ignore the fact that $20.3 million of the $64 million Borgata earned for September came via its NJ online casino portfolio.

For one, the number is an eye-opening 191.4% year-over-year increase. Last September, Borgata’s Internet gaming revenue came it at a tad under $7 million. The growth of the BetMGM and Borgata Casino online brands can be attributed to this success.

More importantly, Borgata claimed a 23.14% market share compared to Golden Nugget’s 29.67%. Resorts Digital (led by DraftKings Casino) is the only other license holder that is even close with a 22.83% position.

The bottom line here is Borgata is a big contributor to the current NJ online casino streak.

2. Golden Nugget is not surrendering top spot

Golden Nugget online casino is still the operator the rest of the field is chasing. Golden Nugget, as a license holder, earned $26 million for September, and it is nearly $6 million more than its closest competitor.

While the number is strong, it’s down from the previous two months. July’s $31.4 million is the current record. August revenue came in at $27.7 million.

The other brands operating under the license are:

However, Golden Nugget’s year-over-year performance from September 2019, which is up 66.2%, is the number that stands out. This is a big reason why GoldenNugget AC is one of the few casinos to see a positive jump in total gaming revenue.

Out of the $37.6 million it earned for the month, only $11.4 million came via the casino floor, and that’s down nearly 30% year over year. However, once it’s combined with the NJ online casino revenue, total gaming is up 16.3%.

The asterisk here is Atlantic City casinos are still operating at 25% capacity, and there is no word from the state if and when this will change.

3. Hard Rock sees biggest percentage jump

While we are on the topic of percentages, the number 230.4% is hard to ignore. This is the year-over-year increase for Hard Rock AC. The license holder earned $6.2 million for the month, which places them fifth out of the seven license holders.

So in that they sense, there is plenty of room for growth. At the same time, its NJ online casino revenue is up more than $4.3 million from September 2019.

The Hard Rock brand is the only New Jersey operator currently offering live slots. The product didn’t exist this time last year.

There is also the possibility that European brands Bet365 NJ and Unibet Casino are picking up new players. Both products made their US debuts prior to the 2019 NFL season.

And Bet365’s “World’s Favorite Sportsbook” advertising campaign, creates a golden opportunity for cross-selling.

4. Atlantic City casinos + limited capacity

The big “what if” to this whole equation is Atlantic City casinos.

The current NJ online casino streak coincides with when the state-mandated shutdown as a result of COVID-19. The closure lasted 100-plus days. Several months since the properties reopened, the casinos are restaurants still aren’t operating anywhere close to full capacity.

The scenario continues to have a signifiant impact on land-based revenue. September’s $190.6 million is down 15% from September ’19. After NJ online casino and NJ sports betting revenue ($13.5 million for Atlantic City license holders) are factored in, total gaming revenue is actually up 3% for the month compared to the same period last year.

Whether or not gamblers are visited their AC casino of choice these days, the mobile play is the one constant right now.

As we get further into fall, there will continue to so many unknowns regarding land-based operations, The NJ online casino industry is in a different boat right now, and it clearly shows when looking back at the last five months:

  • May: $85.9 million
  • June: $84.9 million
  • July: $87.4 million
  • August: $87.7 million
  • September: $87.6 million

5. NJ online poker or poker rooms

NJ online poker revenue came in at $2,554,216, which is down 16% from September. Caesars Interactive led the field with $1,005,032, which is mostly due to the NJ brand. 888 Poker also operates under the license.

But here’s where things get interesting. Are players going to continue playing online or do they prefer the excitement of being in a live poker room?

Unlike casino floors, the five Atlantic City poker rooms have been closed since mid-March. This is about the change as the Borgata Poker Room is reopening on Wednesday morning.

Borgata is opening 30 of the 85 tables, with each limited to seven players. And if everything goes smoothly, will the other AC casinos follow?

For now, NJ online poker remains the only option for the players who prefer other poker rooms.

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