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There’s a big Sunday of Premier League football to look forward to and you don’t want to miss this Paddy Power price boost! They’ve enhanced Liverpool, Tottenham and West Ham all to win from 9/2 to a tasty 7/1. Translated into matched betting terms, this gives us a risk-free potential profit of £13.46 and here’s how…

Power Price Boost:

The maximum stake for this power price boost is £20.00.

For a walkthrough of how to lay multiples, please see my laying multiples guide.

We can calculate our underlay stake using my Matched Betting Calculator. We just need to open up the ‘ADVANCED’ section and click the ‘Underlay’ tab…

As you can see, the calculator tells us that our lay stake should be £20.41…

Place £20.00 on Liverpool, Tottenham & West Ham all to win @ 8.00 = Potential profit of £140.00

Lay £20.41 on Liverpool, Tottenham & West Ham all to win @ 7.20 = Potential liability of £126.54


Let’s have a look at our profit/loss for the two potential outcomes…

Outcome Paddy Power Exchange Profit/Loss
Treble wins + £140.00 – £126.54 £13.46 profit
Treble loses – £20.00 + £20.00 £0.00

So, if our treble loses, we’ll break even and there’s no harm done. However, if our treble wins, we’ll make a nice risk-free profit of £13.46 on this Paddy Power price boost!

Note: If you would prefer to lock in a smaller profit, you can simply use the ‘Standard‘ tab on the calculator for a guaranteed profit of £1.83.

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