GGPoker Introduces New Cash Game Currency

GGPoker has rolled out several innovations and features throughout the past twelve months, many of which are unique to the fastest growing online poker site right now. One of these features that has been somewhat flying under the radar is the Cash Game Dollar (C$).

The new cash game currency was introduced during the software update on November 27, 2020. At the time, GGPoker announced that C$ “can be obtained through various promotions and events”.

What Exactly is the Cash Game Dollar?

The C$ is the cash game equivalent to the Tournament Dollar (T$) which has been available on GGPoker for quite some time already. Both currencies do not expire but cannot be converted to $ instantly. Their sole aim is to be used to buy into the respective activities, in which, players will have the chance to increase their cash bankroll through playing.

Like T$, one C$ is equal to one USD, and the C$ can only be used to buy-in at cash game tables. The T$ can be used to enter tournaments and the jackpot format Spin & Gold. Both additional currencies are included in the pop-up window when trying to enter the selected competition. C$ can also be enabled as default currency under settings > buy-in.

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How Does the Cash Game Dollar Work?

The following cash games support the new feature:

  • All-In or Fold
  • Rush & Cash
  • Hold’em
  • Omaha
  • Short Deck

Players can select whether or not they want to buy into cash games with their USD balance or the new C$. It is even possible to combine both in order to fill up any insufficient amount.

When involved in the action, the C$ balance will be used first. This method applies for the buy-in and the respective hands themselves when seated. Bets made using the C$ will be returned in C$ to the same player. However, the rake and any jackpot fees will be deducted from the C$ portion.

There is no direct way to convert the Cash Game Dollar into USD but to use them actively on the cash game tables. By defeating an opponent who uses C$, the profit will credited in USD. As a result, the C$ balance will automatically decrease over time with this unusual playthrough aspect attached to it.

In Which Promotions are Cash Game Dollars Currently Awarded?

For January 2021, all daily cash game leaderboards on the Rush & Cash, Hold’em, Omaha and Short Deck tables will pay out their prizes in C$. This also applies for the daily $20,000 Spin & Gold leaderboards as well. Essentially, players are encouraged to convert their leaderboard winnings into their cash balance instead of simply withdrawing the profit right away.

GGPoker previously awarded tournament tickets in the daily leaderboard promotions during the 2020 WSOP Online Bracelet Events, using their alternative currencies is thus not an entirely new strategy. Unused tournament tickets were automatically converted to Tournament Dollars after the end of the WSOP 2020 Online festival.

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Existing Bonuses on GGPoker

Both the Tournament Dollars and the Cash Game Dollars are reminiscent of “sticky bonuses” used in online casinos, which cannot be withdrawn. Instead, they have to be used wisely in order to generate profit and the same also applies for these two alternate currencies on GGPoker. During the Honeymoon promotion for new players, T$ are awarded by completing a certain number of daily missions.

First time depositors can pick their Welcome Bonus either as $100 in Spin & Gold tickets or a First Deposit Match Bonus of up to $600. If players pick the $100 in tickets, they can unlock additional cash rewards by playing a set number of hands on the All-In or Fold tables. The deposit match bonus is unlocked in steps of $5 for each $20 in rake and / or tournament fees generated.

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