How to buy and use BITCOIN on offshore books!!!

I wanted to create this post because I see everywhere people wondering how to use Bitcoin to deposit into sportsbooks. I use to think it was so hard but once I learned how to it was the easiest thing ever. I would love to teach others how to actually purchase BTC and deposit it to bet.

The first way is to use Coinbase.

Step 1) The first step is to buy BTC on Coinbase either with ur card or bank account. Only issues is u have to wait sometimes a few days to receive the BTC.

Step 2) The next step isn’t needed but I like to the deposit the BTC from my Coinbase account into Coinbase pro on a web browser. Just log into the same Coinbase account and hit deposit and click from Coinbase account. (apparently less fees when sending to your wallet from Coinbase pro than Coinbase.)

Step 3) This is the most important step which is to use a BTC wallet which will act as a “middle man” between the exchange your purchased your BTC on and the sportsbook. I have been using Blockhain wallet on the iOS store. Very simple, easy, and safe. Here you will withdraw your BTC from Coinbase pro account or Coinbase and you will send it to the address your Blockchain wallet provides.

Step 4) Once received in your Blockchain wallet, all you do is then send the BTC from your wallet to the address that is on your sportsbook when you hit “deposit with Bitcoin.”

This is the simplest way I have found to deposit and bet on offshore websites. It’s so much easier using BTC than a debit or credit card that could get comprised.

You can also use Cashapp which you should get your BTC instantly.

Step 1) Buy BTC on cash app.

Step 2) Send the BTC from cashapp to your BTC wallet. Again I like using Blockchain if you have an iPhone. Works great.

Step 3) Then from the blockchain wallet you send to your sportsbook BTC deposit address. Simple as that!

I hope this helps some of you out who want to learn how to use BTC instead of your debit or credit cards. Once I learned how simple and easy this was, I will never use any other way.

EDIT: Apparently Coinbase is instant now! Even better!!

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