Jayson Tatum’s game-winning shot: How one subtle step beat the Pistons

Catching the ball at the top of the key, Jayson Tatum must have been elated to see Blake Griffin staring him down. Griffin was nearly an MVP once upon a time, but injuries have sapped most of his explosiveness.

Still, Griffin isn’t easily fooled. His bounce may be gone and his shoes may be made of lead, but he can’t just be ball faked away. So how did he end up watching — spun around, stumbling in the dust — as Tatum buried the game-winning shot in a 122-120 Celtics win over the Pistons on Sunday?

Tatum is evolving by simplifying. There is a subtle brilliance to this move that reveals important progress on Tatum’s two biggest objectives this season. He needs to get downhill and more direct to the hoop to become a foul-drawing machine — something that has been conspicuously absent thus far — while also reading the floor better to know when and how to attack or find a teammate.

When Tatum catches the ball, he…

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