Kevin Martin folds the nuts on stream


Kevin Martin made the ultimate streamer error after recently signing for GGPoker, folding the nuts by mistake.

We have all done it, but rarely with thousands of people watch us explain our actions as we do.

He handled it in the best way possible, of course, by doing a hand analysis video of the incident afterwards:

How Ivey became the greatest

It looks like Phil Ivey is back in the poker world now that he has finally settled his issues with the Borgata and another new video of him being interviewed by Barry Greenstein just dropped.

This time they discussed about how Phil climbed the ranks and improved to become perhaps the most feared player in the game:

[embedded content]

Polk not done with poker Twitter

He ruffled a few feathers and entertained a lot of people last week when Doug Polk took on all comers on Twitter, challenging just about everyone along the way.

It wasn’t a one off, as over the weekend he took to mocking his most common targets with a few well prepared zingers.

Also given he is one of the defendants named in the Mike Postle lawsuit, the final gag would suggest he is going to fight it.

Huge ICM spot

There was an insanely tough spot when satellite winner Padraig O’Neill won the Unibet Open Online Main Event last week which the Chip Race guys commented on in real time. Expect a detailed strategy video soon but until then, what is your calling range here?

Have you ever folded the nuts by mistake? Let us know in the comments:

Barry Carter

Barry Carter

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