Las Vegas casino visitor hits record jackpot on Christmas Eve

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A festive miracle for the lucky one who spent Christmas Eve in a Las Vegas casino: he hit the biggest jackpot won on slot machines in Nevada in 8 years. Fox News.

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Suncoast Hotel and Casino officials said a man named Kevin won nearly $ 15,5 million on a slot machine on the evening of December 24.

A note appeared on Twitter of the casino congratulating the winner, who wished to remain anonymous.

“Congratulations to Kevin on winning the $ 15 Megabucks Progressive Jackpot at @suncoastcasino!” ARTICLES.

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According to a press release provided by Fox News, Kevin has won the jackpot on the International Game Technology Megabucks slot machine. It is reported that prior to his grand victory, he invested only $ 40 in the machine.

According to a spokesman for Boyd Gaming, owner of Suncoast Casino, it was the largest slot machine jackpot hit in Nevada in eight years.

“It was an unforgettable Christmas Eve,” a Boyd Gaming spokesman told Fox News. “We are very pleased and proud to have played our part in this historic holiday jackpot at Suncoast.”

Kevin, whose identity is being protected for security reasons, said he intends to use the winnings to support his business.

Social media users on Facebook congratulated Kevin and wished him all the best.

“Congratulations!!!!! I can’t even win $ 100, but I go there every weekend, ”wrote one of the users, accompanying the entry with a smiling emoji.

“Wow,” added another. – Merry Christmas to you”.

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One of the world’s record slots jackpots in Las Vegas was hit at MGM Resorts’ Excalibur hotel and casino in 2003, according to reports from International Game Technology. It is reported that a 25-year-old man from Los Angeles won $ 39,7 million then.

Three years earlier, a woman had won $ 34,9 million at the now closed Desert Inn Resort.

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