Midway Poker Tour Founder Daniel Bekavac in Hiding?

PokerTube.com reported this weekend that Midway Poker Tour founder Daniel Bekavac appears to have gone to ground and nobody has any idea where he is.

The tournament website has been closed down and social media commenting has ceased for over one week.

The big problem is that players who took part in the early October tournament are yet to be paid.

Bekavak owes tens of thousands of dollars. Some of those who cashed out were paid in overvalued silver.

Prior to the tournament getting underway, the director announced that “due to Illinois charity gaming regulations, we can only pay out $1,600 in cash. Anything above that will be given out in precious metals”. It’s doubtful that anyone would have participated in the event had they known they’d be paid out in worthless metals.

Poker pro Chad Holloway provided a breakdown of who is still owed and those made whole:

– Nagesh Rath, Gambling911.com

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