Multiple splits and a double against an Ace!

So I was on a good run a couple days ago and got dealt 88 against an ace in an H17 game. I know you’re usually better off surrendering this position but I was running hot and the count was positive so I said screw it lets split. First hand got a 10 for 18 great, stand. Second hand gets another 8 so I split again, first hand gets a 3! So I’m like oh god okay here we go double down got a 5 for a 16. Third hand gets a 9 stand on 17. So I have 18, a doubled 16, and a 17 against dealer ace, not looking good, I’m thinking he’s gonna just flip a 9 and wipe me. Dealer flips another ace for soft 12, then runs out 3, king, 9 for bust. Sometimes you just get lucky!

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