NBA betting strategy?

So this year is the first year I’ve really been betting on sports. Started when sports came back after covid and have had a lot of fun with it. I did okay during the NBA bubble because I watch a lot of NBA and had a good handle on all the teams. I also feel like playoff games are the best games to bet because you can count on your team bringing it to every game no matter what side you’re on.

Then the NFL season started, and got WRECKED until I discovered Wong teasers on here – and had a pretty decent season after that. As the NFL season comes to a close and I start switching my attention to NBA, I’m wondering if there’s any proven betting methods that have worked for you in the past? I’ve been using teasers on the NBA too but it doesn’t seem like as good of a strategy as it is in the NFL.

So far this season I’ve been using 4pt teasers on 3 teams, mostly betting the underdog to give myself a 7-10 point cushion in each game. Haven’t been doing well at all and starting to wonder if teasers are worth playing in the NBA, and if there’s smarter bets out there.

Today I’m looking at this 4pt teaser. Feel free to let me know if this is a terrible bet, and if y’all have a strategy that works for you (ie only bet money line, no parlays, only team total, etc.) id love to hear it!

HOU -.5 CLE +10 NOP +5

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