NFL Daily Discussion – 1/3/21 (Sunday)

I’m gonna put some heavy bets on the favorites that need a win to clinch vs sub .500 (or close to it) teams. That goes as follows

Ravens ML @ Bengals Ravens are win and in vs a Bengals team that’s on a 2 win streak vs the Steelers and Texans. The streak won’t last and the Ravens are substantially more complete of a team, I expect Harbaugh to pull out all the stops and guarantee a win.

Colts -3.5 vs Jaguars Colts need a win and another AFC team to lose in order to make playoffs and play against the abysmal Jaguars. Sure they clinched the 1st and might play spoiler for fun, but the Colts are no joke and there’s no chance they drop this game with so much on the line. Colts by a ton.

Titans -1 @ Houston The Titans got massacred in a snowy game vs the Packers. They were clearly not prepared for the elements and once Rodgers gets hot, not even a blizzard can slow him down. The Titans are still an excellent team and are win and in for the playoffs. The game is at Houston so their play should be considerably better than last weeks, and the Jaguars just plain suck.

Packers -1 @ Bears The Packers need to win this in order to clinch the 1st seed and secure the bye. The Packers offense is red hot after destroying the Titans in the snow. The Packers beat them at home in Week 12 41-25 and are more than capable of doing it again. Sure it’s a division rival and the Bears consistently play them tough, but it’s going to take a lot from Titty Trubisky to make it happen. December Rodgers is a different beast, Packers will likely secure the 1st seed.

This is my 4 team parlay pick. Of course anything can happen in the NFL but these 4 picks are about as confident as i can get without seeing the final score.

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