Online gambling legality in Michigan using a VPN?

Hey there! Let me first say that I am pretty young and have never gambled or even thought about gambling before – please forgive my ignorance.

I have recently come across some people that have been using online casinos (mostly Duelbits), and it has really spiked my interest. I now want to start doing some casual gambling (using BTC), but I do not want to get in trouble (law or otherwise) so I’m hesitant. I’ve researched a little bit about the legality of it in my state (Michigan) but it seems like every other thing I read has different or conflicting information and it’s gotten pretty confusing.

Does anyone know how legal it would be to use a VPN to gamble on Duelbits (or other similar sites, I suppose) in Michigan? I’m not planning on spending thousands on it or anything – very casual. Is there a good chance I would get in any trouble; and if so, how much?

Sorry for the silly questions! Thanks in advance for any help, any recommendations are appreciated! 🙂

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