Participants in virtual betting and gambling to receive death sentence for “corruption on Earth”

Vice President of the Judiciary and Legal Commission of the Iranian Parliament (Majlis) announced that the Majlis deputies are drafting a bill to deal with those accused of administering gambling website. According to the bill, the accused will be sentenced to death on the charge of “corruption on Earth.”

Earlier, the director of the Center to Combat National and Organized Crimes in the FATA (Cyber Police) had announced that they had arrested 10 citizens in relation with these gambling websites.

Hassan Norouzi, Vice chair of the Judiciary and Legal Commission, said: “Majlis deputies have recently presented a bill to the board of directors based on Articles 705-711 of the Fifth Book of the Islamic Punishment Law which deals with punishment of betting in the cyberspace.”

“The said bill considers tough punishments for the groups involved. If the activities of gamblers and those participating in cyber bets are done by groups and gangs, and if repeated, they will be arrested. Insistence on committing the felony and lack of remorse will be considered by judges as corruption on Earth which is punishable by death.”

Norouzi said: “For decisive implementation of this law, the Ministry of communications, the Ministry of Interior, the FATA Police, the Justice Department and the Judiciary have been obliged to undertake some measures.”

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