Pay Up Match Point ‘2005’ * online full

Pay Up Match Point * online full

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Have just paused this movie – came online to find out how much more i have to endure – and just HAD to vote here! would like to second every sentiment in johnathan’s posting (above), this is one of the worst films i have seen in years! am v disappointed as a woody fan, hannah and her sisters a long-time favourite.

Match Point '2005'


SYNOPSIS: Match Point is Woody Allen’s satire of the British High Society and the ambition of a young tennis instructor to enter into it. Yet when he must decide between two women – one assuring him his place in high society, and the other that would take him far from it – palms start to sweat and a dark psychological match in his head begins.

CAST: Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Scarlett Johansson, Emily Mortimer, Brian Cox, Penelope Wilton, James Nesbitt, Ewen Bremner, Miranda Raison, Margaret Tyzack, Rupert Penry-Jones, Toby Kebbell, Alexander Armstrong, Matthew Goode, Paul Kaye, Mark Gatiss, Simon Kunz, Geoffrey Streatfeild, John Fortune, Anthony O’Donnell, Rose Keegan, Zoe Telford, Scott Handy, Selina Cadell, Georgina Chapman, Colin Salmon, Steve Pemberton, Janis Kelly, Alan Oke, Emily Gilchrist, Eddie Marsan

GENRE: Drama, Thriller, Crime, Romance

PRODUCTION: DreamWorks Pictures

KEYWORD: love triangle, london, england, upper class, adultery, tennis, river thames, sports, love, wealth, lust, gold digger, instructor, social climbing,

RATING: 7.4/10 by 2848 users

Match Point '2005'

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