Pick of the Day – 10/20/20 (Tuesday)

Record: 0-1

Previous: Kansas City Chiefs vs Buffalo Bills, Over 57 points ❌

POTD: Tampa Bay Rays ML vs. Los Angeles Dodgers (+157)

Bet: 1U

Description: RNG is love. RNG is life. I have no doubt that the gods themselves are testing our faith as we are handed a loss on our first divinely-ordained RNG pick of the season. Nevertheless, in worship of their holy presence we shall press on towards the path to salvation… not even for a second questioning their omniscient authority and allowing the pure, untouched beauty of randomness illuminate even the coldest reaches of the universe.

[ RNG script: ACTIVATE ]


*you rolled a [2] and are betting on the Tampa Bay Rays ML!

*you rolled an [54] and are betting 1U!

(units key)

1u: Roll 1-75

2u: Roll 75-90

3u: 90-99

Bet the house: 100

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