Play Booming Seven Deluxe Classic Slot

The Booming Seven Deluxe video slot title comes from the Booming Gaming design studio, which currently boasts over 100 slot titles since the firm began in 2014. That is a pretty impressive haul for just 6 years in operation!

One of the developer’s slots that always seems to stand out in every online casino collection, and one of the most exciting Booming Games titles, is Booming Seven Deluxe. It has 3×3 reels, 10 pay lines, and a mix of fine digital artwork, classic slot gameplay, and multiple thrilling features that all work together to keep players on the edge of their seats!


Booming Seven Deluxe is well-known amongst Booming Game slot fans as it is the sequel to the very popular and orginal Booming Seven classic slot.

The original 3×3 reel and 9 pay line version was so popular that it inspired the creation of Booming Seven Deluxe with an additional payline added behind the reels, x7 multipliers added on top of the gamble feature, free spins, wildcard and scatter symbols that the original version already had in place!

This is one of the most lucrative classic slot titles out there right now thanks to its abundance of features and all the added extra features upgrading the prequel Booming Seven slot title

Both titles pay the same spin bet multipliers for all symbol combinations while they come with unforgettable themes that take players on a trip down memory lane journeying back into a retro 1970s to 1990s slot’s hall.

These quaint little gambling dens come complete with colourful patterned casino carpet, high stall seats, and a series of video slot machines in the background while on the reels the old classic fruit and 7s symbols that we still know and love are the key to bringing home a win.

Booming Seven Deluxe online slot has some amazing features?

  • 3×3 Classic Reels
  • 10 Pay Lines
  • Wild Symbols
  • Multipliers x7
  • Scatter symbols
  • 2-Way Pay
  • Free Spins
  • Gamble Feature
  • RTP 96.55%
  • Low/Medium Variance

Super Fast & Feature Rich Classic Slot Action

Whether you play online slots on your desktop or you prefer playing mobile slots, Booming Seven Deluxe will display perfectly.

It has an HTML5 design giving you web browser access from Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and most other browsers so you can spin away regardless of whether you own an Android, Windows, iOS, or Blackberry device.

You will also find that no matter how you load this game, small to large screens included, the gameplay is smooth and silky with no lag thanks to its classic 3×3 reels. This is thanks to the simple but extremely attractive design work that Booming Games’ design team cleverly utilises when creating its online video slots.

With high-speed reel spins and lag free gameplay, you get to play a colourful 3D classic slot that has pristinely designed symbols of bells, cherries, bars (but this time you get gold bars), pineapples, lemons, oranges, red 7s, and a diamond x7 multiplier symbol.

And of course, all the time you are playing the Booming Seven Deluxe slot game, you can let your imagination run wild as the backdrop gives you the feeling that you are sat in a 1980s slot shop somewhere in London, Las Vegas, Paris, or Madrid—wherever your mind takes you!

Lining Up Symbol Combinations Is Easy!

As Booming Seven Deluxe is a 3×3 classic slot, the gameplay is simple. Just line up 3 symbols to get paid, and that is all there is to it. To make things easier, this is no ordinary classic slot title. Rather than 1 or 3 pay lines, you get the chance to line up symbols across 10 pay lines!

Check out the spin bet multipliers in the pay table from the screenshot below!

Win 77x Your Spin Bet With The Chance To Add x7 Multipliers

Multiply Your Wins by x7

All the big wins on this slot are about the 7. The multiplier symbol is a 7, and the jackpot win is 77x the ‘Bet Per Line’ while need we say that the slot is named Booming Seven Deluxe!

Each time you roll in the x7 diamond, Booming Seven Deluxe will multiply your combination wins. This symbol is only available on reel 2 and acts as wildcard to multiply your combination wins. If you line it up with 2 Gold Bar Wild symbols, you will win 77x your ‘Bet Per Line’ multiplied by 7 giving you a jackpot win of 539x your ‘Bet Per Line’.

With the updated x7 multipliers added to the Booming Seven Deluxe sequel, this slot has an RTP of 96.55%.

2 Ways Pay Left-to-Right and Right-to-Left

When you roll in 3 or more wild symbols, the 2-Way Pay feature kicks into action for 10 spins. That means every 3-symbol combination you line up on the reel pays out twice. You will receive the left-to-right pay out and then the right-to-left pay out!

If you land another 3-symbol combination of gold bar wild symbols, then you get to stack your 2-Way Pay spins with 10 additional spins that pay out double bubble. For a classic slot, that’s a pretty unbelievable feature, which is exactly why this slot title is so popular.

Accumulate Big Wins With 10 Free Spins

Landing the free spins game gives you the chance to accumulate free combination wins. You will need 3 classic red 7 symbols scattered anywhere on the reels. First you receive a 70x ‘Bet Per Line’ multiplier then 10 free spins following your scatter multiplier reward.

To trigger this combination of prizes, the Red 7 scatters need not line up on a pay line, all you need is to have 3 of them in view on the reels. You can re-trigger another 10 free spins and an additional multiplier in exactly the same way at any stage during the free spins bonus round.

If you land 3 wild symbols on a pay line, the 2-Way Pay feature will trigger when the free spins game ends. It is too bad that this feature does not trigger during free spins, as that would mean a crazy amount of cash coming from the free spins’ bonus!

Double Your Money on a Bonus Slot Game!

Every time you land a win in the base game, no matter how large or small, you can opt to gamble your winnings in a double up slot game.

Click on the gamble option to open the gamble slot machine where you will see your ‘Current Win’ and the ‘Possible Win’. If you gamble, you will need to choose whether the slot will roll in all oranges or all cherries. Successful bets pay the ‘Possible Win’ amount, which is double your bet.

For those of you oozing with confidence, you can take your new winnings and double again!

Double Your Winnings On An Exciting Gamble Slot Game

Increase Your Chances of Winning with Gold Bars!

Replacing the classic bar symbol Booming Games cleverly adds in gold bullion bars! On the Booming Seven Deluxe online slot, these gold bars are the wild symbol or wildcards.

They can substitute for any of the other symbols except the Red 7 scatter. Landing x3 Gold Bar Wild symbols on a pay line also pays the highest win, which is a 77x ‘Bet Per Line’ multiplier plus triggers the 2-Way Pay feature making this wildcard an incredibly valuable symbol!

Additional Game Play Features

Booming Games always designs its video slots for maximum convenience for its players. That means aside from the outstanding features, animations, and 3D graphic design, you have a set of options available to you to configure your gameplay environment.

  • Configurable Pay Lines: You can choose to bet 1 to 10 pay lines using the ‘Lines’ up and down arrows. This is ideal for low-ball players looking for penny slot bets!
  • Bet Max: High rollers can get straight down to business with the ‘Bet Max’ button which will autoselect 10 pay lines and the highest ‘Bet Per Line’.
  • Auto: There is an ‘Auto’ button that will give you automatic spin options. You can choose the ‘Number of Spins’, ‘Lines’ to bet, ‘Bet Per Line’ and then click accept.
  • Quick spins: Use the lightning bolt option to activate super-fast spins. As this is already a fast slot game, you may not need this, but there are slot players that love to play at super-fast speeds!
  • SFX Sound: You can turn the music or ambient sound on or off.
  • Volume: This button allows you to turn the game’s sound effect on and off.

Play Booming Seven Deluxe Crypto Slot at mBitcasino

The Booming Seven Deluxe online slot is available to play at mBitcasino. You can play for free using the casino demo mode option, and you can also play using cryptocurrency bets using BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, XRP, USDT, or DOGE.

If you enjoy playing this slot title, then check out more than 100 video slot titles from Booming Games here. You can also head over to some of vide slot blogs that include slot reviews for other popular video slot games, slot with the best RTPs, and jackpot slot available at mBitcasino.

Check Out Booming Seven Deluxe In Action Below:

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