QUEENSLAND RECORD!JobSeeker; $293M Pissed Away on Pokies in Queensland in just 21 …

[$293M was spent on pokies in just 21 days of July](https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-10-05/jobkeeper-payments-spent-on-pokies-as-gambling-hits-record-high/12717374), compared to the $161M of ‘normal’ monthly turnover for the entire month of February – before the shut-down.

With many of the establishments being chain owned with ALH group the money is going straight back to the fatcats – a nice supplement to the hundreds of millions large companies like these have *already* had access to through the government under *JobKeeper.*

Remember the short lived period where the pokies were turned off, and reports of positive change? Remember all the live music and other social venues which have permanently shut down as they were riding on a thin existence of clientele ever since pokies edged them out, everywhere?

Why did we turn the %%%%ing things back on?

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Brisbane Structural Engineers

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