Question about Recent Back-off

I wanted people’s opinions on a recent back off….for context, was at this casino about a year ago, spreading 1-8 ($15). This is when I very first started counting a used a players card. I was told “<real name>, no more blackjack but you can play something else”… after winning $70! SMH

I waited about 8 months and started going back for some short sessions, now spreading 1-12 ($25). I returned bc it’s relatively close to me, and is also the only casino in the area that offers a S17 game at all BJ tables. Anyway, today I got greedy bc I was in the hole and actually played two hands of $300 at a TC6.

Shortly afterward security asked me an ID, which I declined. Then they asked me for a name and birthdate. I gave them fake information. Security then says “you’re sure your name isn’t <real name>?” I said “No, I would just like to color and leave now.” Security asks “you’re sure you want to leave?” I repeat myself “yes I would like to color and leave.” Security follows me to the cage, but not to my car. They never actually said “no more bj” or anything about a trespass.

My question: would this somehow count as a trespass? I won’t be going back anytime soon but just wondering for the far future.

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