Ravens over 100 rushing yards as a team boosted from -909 to -590 on Draftkings

Ravens fan here. I know people are skeptical but Im taking this. Ravens are the #1 rushing team in the NFL. They are playing the Bengals, I don’t care if they beat the Steelers, they are not a good team. Lamar has the chance for an NFL record with 2 +1000 yard seasons and at the moment he’s 92 yards shy. If he wants to be cemented in history, he’ll run a lot. Also we’re the number 1 rushing team in the NFL. Don’t forget the number 1 play of the NFL season last year, was Lamars long rushing touchdown with the spin move. What team was that? Oh yeah.. the Bengals. Also did I mention the Ravens are the number 1 rushing team in the NFL? Hammer this my fellow bettors. BOL!

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