Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette

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The small bed creaked softly as Yoongi wiggled himself free of the man holding him close, doing his best to see in the heavy, inky darkness. The much larger form caging him there was noticeably warmer than the bunker’s cold air, especially since the blanket was gone, having been given to the younger ones a while back. He yawned, deciding to give up in his effort to free himself as he let gravity knock him against the hard surface of what he was told was a mattress.

His eyes by then had adjusted, dropping onto the small trio huddled together in the corner. The three were wrapped neatly under the gifted blanket; their bodies practically piled on top of each other in an attempt to hold onto any extra warmth they could get. Jungkook could still be seen shivering slightly under the blanket, Taehyung and Jimin both scooting closer, their arms wrapping tightly around him, and each other, in the process.

A soft scrape echoed from the other side of the small room, his eyes falling once again into two more figures asleep on the ground, their shivering bodies also huddled together. Upon closer inspection, he realized that one of the men was awake, causing him to watch as Hoseok slowly shuffled, rolling on top of the older man next to him in a desperate attempt to keep warm. Jin, in his sleepy state, didn’t seem to mind.

Deciding it was better to attempt to sleep again, Yoongi rolled over, facing the man he was resting in the arms of. His chest could be felt rising against his own, the mans’ breath hot against his cold face. He, himself, was shivering inside of his hot cage, his smaller frame cuddling yet closer to the still sleeping Namjoon holding onto him.

He found himself hesitating before wrapping his arms around the much larger man as well, pressing his face against his muscular chest as he moved yet closer. He wasn’t tired at all at this point; in fact, he felt somewhat jealous of the others being able to sleep during a moment like this. He found his mind trailing to Jungkook, remembering how the younger man had been asleep since they had come down here.

The poor man was only awake for a few hours at a time, seemingly during the moments where his body merely couldn’t sleep any longer. He still joked around, and laughed, and was just as energetic with the other younger ones of the group as usual- he was just sleepy, so he said, anyway. Something about it was too familiar to Yoongi. It worried him.

“Are you awake?” Yoongi whispered, feeling the sudden change in the larger mans’ breathing. Namjoon shuffled, nodding before lowering his head a bit to face the smaller man. “Yeah, I’m awake.”

“What time is it?”

“I don’t know, Yoongi. Possibly 2 am? It’s hard to tell for sure.”

Yoongi paused, rolling onto his back as he turned to look at the large metal container on the other side of the room. He huffed, still shivering as he finally pulled himself free, the concrete floor cold through his thick socks, stretching as he stood up. He grumbled, feeling disgusting. He hadn’t showered in a month, and it was an awful feeling besides his currently painful hunger.

“I’m hungry. Do you want something?”

Namjoon sat up, a soft scraping noise echoing from under him as he slid off the small bed, shivering as he stood up. His muscles moved under his loose clothes as he also stretched, nodding as he let out a yawn. “Yeah.” He spoke softly. “I’ll wake up, everyone.”

Yoongi nodded in response, his hands shaking as he felt along the wall, feeling for anything resembling a light switch. A soft click sounded from under his slender hands, a loud buzzing ringing through the room as it flooded with light. He blinked, trying his best to ignore the pain that filled his eyes.

“Good morning!” Jimin chirped, crawling tiredly from under the blanket. “Or night, I’m not sure. Either way, hello, everyone.” He spoke, plopping softly onto the concrete floor. His hair was standing up in almost every direction, the sight enough to bring Yoongi just a bit of joy.

“Good morning.” Jin yawned in response, pulling himself gently from under the still sleeping Hoseok.

A loud clanging sounded as Yoongi pulled out a small pot and little stove. It was, thankfully, battery-powered, and they definitely had enough of those- the only question would be whether they had enough food.

“Ah, we’re eating?” Taehyung piped up, sliding from under the blanket, his eyes heavy as he slowly turned to face the sound. “Not yet, you can keep laying down,” Namjoon replied softly as he made his way over to Yoongi, a few cans resting comfortably in his arms. “We’ve got enough, don’t worry,” Namjoon whispered to the smaller man hunched over the little stove, making sure it was just loud enough for him to hear.

“I’m not worried.” Yoongi lied in response, his voice even lower.

“We’re eating?” Jungkook questioned, exhaustion filling his voice as he also slid from under the blanket at the commotion, a pout forming on his face as he received the same response Taehyung had.

“You all can rest; I just woke you up so you’d be ready when it was done. Save your energy.” Namjoon explained, ignoring the fact that he, himself, had none to use. The act of waking everyone up had, in itself, taken most of his energy. He was tired, but the act of waking them up ‘just in case’ was more than enough to drain him. The thought of having to check to see if they even would wake up was an exhausting thought in itself, and it was one thought he couldn’t shake from his mind.

Trying to hide his fears from not only himself but the others was what took everything he had. The sound of everyone discussing how energetic and calm he was during the times they thought he was asleep kept him running. It made him feel like they’d get back to the surface once again, and that feeling was the one thing keeping him from succumbing to the exhaustion.

“Almost done.” Yoongi piped up, his eyes dark and heavy from his many weeks of attempting and failing to sleep. He had stopped shivering, whatever heat coming from the stove seemingly enough to keep him warm. It was almost odd how eager to finish the meal he was- after all, he wouldn’t even touch it.

Whoever was younger ate first. It was easier that way. Yet, he still found himself eating less in his effort to feed everyone else. Maybe this was one he would finally finish. He highly doubted it, but it was a thought he’d hold onto.

Jimin scooted closer, watching closely at the mixture of soup and some vegetables and the last bit of meat. He bounced a bit on his knees, excited as he watched the older man calmly stir the little pot. Namjoon could be heard walking by him, grabbing little cups in order to serve it out. Seconds would be available, usually, but everyone was still eager to come in to get their serving.

“Tae, Koo, wake up, it’s time to eat.” Namjoon cooed a bit softly, shaking the two younger men to wake them up from where they had fallen asleep again. The two yawned, crawling out from under the thick blanket and over the still steaming pot. Yoongi gently filled the cups as full as he could, watching as Namjoon handed them out. The three younger men instantly took a long sip from the cup, not even waiting for the silverware.

Yoongi watched as Namjoon plopped next to him, a faint smile on his face. He seemed happy just watching the three young men eat their fill, not minding that he needed to wait for his. Of course, he’d be next, but he already was beginning to feel full just watching the others eat.

Hoseok by then had woken up, remaining in his spot to conserve his energy, knowing he would have to wait for a bit. Jin had scooted close, sitting close to Yoongi and Namjoon tiredly, his breathing slow. He was also exhausted, remembering his long conversation with Jungkook the night before.

Hoseok by then had woken up, remaining in his spot to conserve his energy, knowing he would have to wait for a bit. Jin had scooted close, sitting close to Yoongi and Namjoon tiredly, his breathing slow. He was also exhausted, remembering his long conversation with Jungkook the night before.

The three turned their heads at the sound of Jungkook laughing, his arm swinging playfully at the small fight- if it could be considered that had broken out among the three youngest. Over what was anyone’s guess, though, it’d be quite literally anything because knowing them.

Given their laughs, it wasn’t anything serious, not even close. But it was still enough for Jin to calmly tell them to quiet down, watching as the three continued to eat, laughing amongst themselves about something- likely an inside joke of sorts.

Yoongi let out a small cough in the dusty air, pausing before finally handing Namjoon his cup as well, watching as the man next to him graciously began to eat. The color seemed to instantly return to his face, the sight surprising given that Yoongi couldn’t even tell that any had left.

Namjoon hummed a bit in delight, sliding a bit away as he began to slow down, attempting to enjoy every bit. He could always get more, but he didn’t want to rush. Jungkook, by then, had come back to get more, a large grin spreading across his face as he received his second meal. Jimin and Taehyung followed close behind, the three scattering off in order to eat together somewhere else.

Hoseok finally scooted over, his face bright and joyfully as he graciously accepted his own serving, scooting into the spot Namjoon once occupied to eat. Namjoon made his way back over, Yoongi merely handing him the spoon so he could get his own. He was getting tired and wanted to sleep. He knew he wouldn’t be able to, but it was a nice thought.

The soft laughs of the younger trio on the other side of the room caught Hoseok’s attention, Yoongi and Jin both watching as he stood up and made his way over, plopping down amongst the three. Yoongi yawned, handing Jin his own cup, trying his best to ignore the frown that appeared on the older mans’ face.

“It’s your turn,” Jin said, pushing it back. He wasn’t hungry either; he hadn’t been for quite some time. He wanted to lay down or spend time with the others, but he wasn’t sure how to avoid the concern that would arise from him not having an appetite. Besides, he knew Yoongi hadn’t eaten much either; he was so obviously exhausted there was no way he thought he was fooling anyone.

“Just take it; I’ll eat whatever is left. It would be about the same anyway. I”ll just go last.” Yoongi explained, pushing it back to the older man, who finally took it. The pain he felt could be ignored for a while; he had managed to do so for this long. Plus, he knew Jin was stressed and wouldn’t be hungry, but he’d be damned if he didn’t make him eat something.

He grinned as he watched Jin finally eat, watching as Hoseok also came back for more before running back over to the younger trio. Everyone seemed content, and it made him feel warm inside. Jin grabbed his own second serving, Yoongi, left to watch the remaining bit in the pot. Jin had scooted away, a conversation starting with Namjoon as soon as he arrived over there.

Yoongi huffed, taking a few long sips of the remaining mixture, hands shaking as he set the pot back down. For some reason, he was struggling to finish it. His breathing was heavy and pained, hands sweaty as he struggled to lift the pot again, taking another long sip.

He groaned, scooting away from the pot as it clanged against the small stove. It was over, at least for today. It was the least of his worries now, and all he wanted to do was try to make the best of his waking moments. Tiredly, he scooted close to where Jin and Namjoon sat, instantly joining in the conversation, a big smile on his face.

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