Slot discussion

Heading to an overnight trip on Friday. Looking to have a talk about what everyone feels the best way to play slots are. (I know some people hate slots bc it’s always a loss but I enjoy them)

I’ll start: I normally only go with a bankroll of $200 sometimes $300 if I wanna play table games for a quick bit. I always play the lowest bet on the Pennie slots whether it’s .30-.88. Occasionally I’ll hop on a $1 machine and play minimum on that. I like this way bc I feel it keeps me playing the longest and I get the most spins. If I did have a question however it would be if I actually hurting myself because I do not get a lot of big wins i.e. over $100.

Just for note. I do not play the slots that require max bet for all features. I know that much at least lol

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