Top 5 Tips for Betting on the NBA Finals

The NBA Finals always promises to be entertaining series. The final two teams have not only lasted through the grueling regular season schedule but beat the best of the best in the playoffs to earn a spot and a shot at the NBA Championships.

These are good teams. These are deep teams. These teams play every facet of the game well. No one gets to the NBA Finals by phoning it in. A team finding itself as a heavy favorite is tough these days and it’s important to keep this in mind when betting the NBA Finals.

Every gambler looks for an edge before placing a bet. An edge that not only gives their bet an advantage but one that makes our bet have smart value. That means we want it to pay out well without taking on too much risk.

How is this done in an evenly matched series like the NBA Finals? There are a few variables that should be considered before any bet is layed and here are a few tips to give yourself the smart value every gambler needs to be successful.

Home Teams Win Games

This is true in every sport. In every series. In every way. Home court advantage is the biggest of all advantages. Home court is the first variable considered when the oddsmakers set the point spread after all. And of course, home teams get the crowd and all the calls. Remember this when placing a bet.

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Put Away the Brooms

You are not going to get too many sweeps in the NBA Finals. The NBA regular season is a monster and the playoffs are even tougher. For a team to get this far they have to be good and able to beat anybody. Remember this is a team jumps out to a 2 game or 3 game lead. Those are great starts but the series is far from over.

Offense Wins Games

And Defense wins championships. There is no truer adage in sports cliches. Even the best offensive teams play solid defense. Being a good defensive team isn’t as sexy as being a good three point shooting team so it won’t get much media coverage but teams in the Finals play great D. Remember this and be prepared to take the UNDER on Totals bets. Sports bettors love to take the OVERS and oddsmakers know this. Find an UNDER you like and play it.

Key Game? Game 5

The winners of Game 5 are typically the winners of the series. Especially in the NBA Finals. Remember this as Game 5 approaches no matter what happened in Game 4.

Take Some Points

If there is one thing sports bettors love more than the OVER, it’s the favorite. Sports bettors load up on the moneyline and give points like crazy. And it’s easy to understand why. If you want to win the bet you should pick the winner. Simple as that. However, the oddsmakers and sportsbooks have figured this out years ago and set the lines and odds accordingly. Remember every bet you see is skewed to the favorite. Grab as many points as you can and take the underdogs. This is the NBA Finals after all. You are guaranteed the favorite won’t be cover every spread.

Hopefully these tips will help you win some money as the NBA Finals rolls around this season. Good luck!

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