top pair facing river jam

So this would be a LJ opening range which does contain pocket 4’s, 10s, A10s, A4s and A10os. I would give credit for his range unless he proves me wrong. Also did you see him firing bluffs so you knew he was capable of firing a bluff like that?

Considering you would need to call $610 to win $1600 you would need 38% not accounting for rake. Giving Villain the below range that includes Ax and Kx hands and alot of 10x hands you only have 27%, so according to that its a fold.
KK+,TT,44,A2s+,K2s+,QTs,Q4s,JTs,J4s,T8s+,A2o+,K2o+ ,QTo,JTo,T8o+

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