UK Forced Into Third Lockdown, Casinos Closed

The United Kingdom has been forced into a third national lockdown in order to slow the transmission of Covid-19, leaving all bingo halls and casinos in the country closed for the time being.

The lockdown was imposed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson on January 4th, and no timeframe for an end was provided. The country went into lockdown in March of last year for the first time, and a second lockdown was issued in November, running through December 2nd.

As a result of the lockdown all casinos, bingo halls, gyms, indoors and outdoor sports facilities, schools, restaurants, and non-essential retail will be shuttered.

Casinos as a whole have been suffering as a result of the pandemic, with major spots like Macau and Las Vegas noting huge drops in revenues. Without a doubt, this will have a drastic effect on casinos in the UK, and it’s unknown whether or not the industry will get additional support from the government to hold off laying off personnel.

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