Weekly Casino News: January 4-8, 2021

Featured in this article:

  • Michigan, Rhode Island Reopen Casinos
  • Chance to demolish Trump’s Casino up for auction
  • Gambler threatens to burn casino down, is arrested

This week’s casino news delivers a wide range of headlines from casinos opening up in Michigan and Rhode Island, and casinos coming down (one notable one) in Atlantic City. We’ll start with the pandemic-related news as we recap this week’s headlines.

Michigan And Rhode Island Reopen Their Casino Markets

The wait is finally over in Michigan and Rhode Island. After a second shutdown due to the pandemic, casinos are set to reopen. It has been a rough year for this section of the economy as this is the second time they are reopening.

In Detroit, two out of three commercial casinos will be reopening for the first time in five weeks. MGM Grand Detroit and MotorCity casino are going to be functional and taking bets once again. However, the third casino stationed in Detroit is not ready for reopening and hasn’t declared a reopening date. Meanwhile, Rhode Island is getting back to business as a few commercial casinos will flip the lights back on. So far, the Lincoln and the Tiverton will be reopening.

Unfortunately, none of these properties are going to be what they were back in January of 2020 due to them all having hefty restrictions to ensure the safety of all their bettors. That includes heavy sanitation, safety gear and social distancing. Also, travel is way down, so they aren’t going to be seeing many tourists.

As of right now, California and Pennsylvania are the only states left that have not begun to reopen their casinos.

trump hotel & casino

You Can Bid To Blow Up Donald Trump’s Casino

President Donald Trump has his supports and his detractors, and this story is for the latter.

The Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino hasn’t been up and running for around six years now, so the city has decided to the space to raise money for charity. One of the ways they’re planning to do that is with the demolition of the property, raising funds on who gets to blow it up. The actually implosion is set to be take place on January 29th and the winner of the auction will be able to push the button that will bring it all to pieces.

As of right now, the current top bid is $62,500. The good news is that all of the money raised is going to the Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City. Luckily for people that live far away from Atlantic City, it has been reported that the button can be pushed from anywhere around on the world – even remotely – so if they want to get involved, they can.

Another billionaire by the name of Carl Icahn is the current owner of Trump Plaza after buying it back in 2016 when the property was filed for bankruptcy, so Trump doesn’t actually own it anymore. However, Trump’s name is still on the side, so that’s part of the draw here for those who aren’t big fans of his.

Gambler Arrested After Threatening To Burn Casino Down

Gamblers seeking retribution is a story as old as time. Unfortunately, some people just don’t know how to handle losing very well.

A British gambler was arrested after losing more than 400,000 pounds while gambling at a local casino. Amir Abol Abolghassem was able to sneak a five-liter container of gasoline onto the upper levels of the establishment and proceeded to pour it on a roulette table while yelling that he will burn the place down. His erratic behavior didn’t end there as he also threw a coffee table off the balcony onto the lower level of the casino while maintaining his grip on the lighter. Reports say that he also took out a knife and held it to his own neck but luckily, that’s as far as it went. He was never injured nor was the casino ever lit on fire that day.

Once he was in custody, he eventually apologized for his actions and claimed that the big loss of money coupled with his recent job loss brought him to that stage. He was sentenced to two yours in prison and has a 10-year ban from all British gambling properties.

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