What Does Chemin de Fer Mean?

What does Chemin de Fer mean? Chemin de Fer is the French variation of baccarat. The name Chemin de Fer literally translates to the French word for a railway. The game can accommodate up to 12 players, and in this particular variant, the players are the bankers. Players take turns to be the dealer or banker. But what is the significance of the game’s name?

The game is a fast-paced and accommodates several players who all take turns to lead the game. Since baccarat is an old game, trains were the fastest modes of transportation back then. Therefore, the game was named after railway because of its fast-pace.

What Does Chemin de Fer Mean

Chemin de Fer Card Game

As with any other baccarat game, the aim is to get a card hand total of 9 or 8. Each player gets two cards and they still have the same three main Baccarat betting options- that is, to bet on the dealer’s hand winning, a player hand or a tie. In Chemin de Fer, the banker bet is essentially on another player since in this game, players take turns to be the dealer or banker.

The player with the largest bet stands for all the other players. In the event that both the player who is standing as the dealer and the player representing the rest of the table both have a natural, the higher natural of 9 wins. If both hands are identical, then the tie bets win.

Should You Play Chemin de Fer Online?

Chemin de Fer is the perfect game for players who enjoy a fast-paced card game that requires little to no skill. It is a card game where you simply have to place your bets on a chance outcome. And because they are usually no additional cards to be drawn, the game moves faster and even inexperienced players can enjoy it too.

There are other card games with a similar pace but with different rules which may appeal to you such as blackjack games. You can play or check out all these games at any of the top casinos we recommend here.

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