what is the best strategy in BJ?

Yeps …start with Basic Blackjack Strategy by either memorizing it or using the little card they sell and let you use at the table. Then learn some basic card counting … Speed Count (a.k.a. One Per Person) is a good one to start with, then learn a better one like High-Low etc. Also learn how to ‘quit while you ahead’ by using some Win Limits. They say the best Win Limit is to stop when you are 30-40% ahead of what you sat down with. It you sat down with $1,000, then stop when you have $1,300 to $1,400. You have to try and take advantage of the “short run” and quit while you are ahead … in the “long run” it is, as they said, a ‘negative expectation “. Hope this helps – hit us with any more questions,…PS. Craps is a good game too if you play it right.

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