What would you do in that situation???

Hi, guys!
Had an interesting hand yesterday.
MTT PKO 9max
Hero AsQs (UTG, 156bb) raise 2.25bb
UTG1(83bb) call,
fold, fold, fold
CO (122bb) call
BU fold, SB and BB call

Flop ( pot 12.38bb)
everyone check
Hero check, UTG1 bet 1bb, CO raise 7.69bb, fold, fold, call, call
River ( pot 35.44bb)
Hero 22.68bb, fold, CO 45.36bb, Hero all in, CO call.
CO had KK.
Hero wins 260bb in early stage of the tournument and a bounty for CO.

So, I was wondering two things.
1. Should Iplay such hands deferently in a long run?
2. What should I do if I`m in CO position with poket top pair???

I realize that CO should have raised me pre-flop. I might even have folded to his 3bet. But souldn’t he had folded after my bet on the river???

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