What’s a Middle in Sports Betting?

If you’ve been betting on sports for awhile, you might be wondering ‘what’s a middle in sports betting?’ Middling is definitely a more advanced betting strategy, but one that seasoned bettors should be familiar with.

We’re here to explain exactly what middle in sports betting is, plus some strategies to place middle bets of your own.

What is a middle in sports betting?

Middling might not be easy for sports betting newbies, but if you’ve been placing Super Bowl bets and Monday Night Football parlays for a substantial amount of time, you’re probably ready to middle a game.

Essentially, a middle in sports betting involves placing multiple wagers in a single game, when an opportunity presents itself to bet on both teams, or multiple game outcomes, and to cover both bets simultaneously. Obviously, this isn’t always possible — to cover the middle, the line must moves enough between your two bets to ‘hit the sweet spot’.

Here’s an example of a middle bet with sports betting totals: Let’s say you bet an under 40 on an NFL football game when the line opens, for the line to dip to 35. If you bet the over 35, you create a 5-point middle. If the total is 36, 37, 38 or 39, you’ve ‘hit the sweet spot’ and you cash out both bets.

Tip: Middling is great when betting on college football, because the line movement tends to go up and down more frequently.

Middle Strategies

Here are some of our tips for placing middle bets on sports:

  • Don’t just keep an eye out on line movement in the days before a game, but during the game too—live betting presents lots of opportunities for middle bets
  • Think you want to try middling? Plan accordingly — don’t spend your entire bankroll on your initial bet, and plan to make multiple bets ahead of time. Be aware that middling, especially if you’re just getting started, can result in losses, so be prepared.
  • Middling can be challenging for casual bettors, and like we mention above, can often result in small losses. Avoid these bet types if you’re not a regular sports bettor.
  • Middling bets are most popular for football, as the game and line movement tend to accommodate this game best.
man sports betting from mobile phone in front of computer showing game scores

Think he’s middling on there?

How to Bet a Middle in Sports Betting

So, how do you find a middle and place a bet? We think the best way to learn more about a sports betting middle is with an example. We went through an example with betting totals, but here’s another example to get familiar with what this bet type looks like:

  • Let’s say the Steelers open as 7-point favorites on Sunday against the Buccaneers, and you bet on the Steelers. The line moves, and on Wednesday the Steelers are the 10-point favorites against the Buccaneers, and you place a bet on the Buccaneers at +10. This creates a 3-point difference between bets on the Steelers and Buccaneers, and is the middle.

Since you have two wagers, you can win more than once, and your best bet will be if the Steelers defeat Buccaneers by 8 or 9 points. To win just one wager, the Steelers must win by 11 points or more, or the Buccaneers must lose by 6 points or more.

Still want more? Check out our guide to sports betting and brush up on your wagering skills.

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