Wong-Halves Blackjack card counting app

First, I’m not at all interested in your product. I looked at your link because
1. I play Wong Halves and I was curious regarding your (ridiculous) claims of 100% BC, PE and IC
2. As an extension of number 1, there are potential theoretical similarities between your computer code and improved results available through the regaled and fearsome FBM ASC Advanced

In my humble opinion (which I hold in high regard), I simply don’t believe your claims. You’ve stated the apps standard rule set including S17, NSr, NDAS, further stating that adjustments to the standard rule set require modification by you requiring requesters “customized” rules. This limitation coupled with the knowledge required to achieve perfect BC, IC and PE is enormous, and you have not shouted from the rooftops, as you should have, as to methodology regarding same.

Further deficiencies are strongly implied. Now, my comments become self evident once you share your code. I doubt the depth of code required to achieve 100% PE on the limited rule set is close to being provided. By extension, the additional code required to achieve 100% PE with additional standard rules is beyond formidable.

You may construe my comments as a negative review.

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