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Ask yourself why physical slot machines do so well compared to video slot machines if your list of requirements was such a thing? Just do some reading and all your questions will be answered. Let me know if you still can’t find the information you’re looking for, but only once you have reviewed it.


Do you mean physical reel machines vs video reel machines in casinos? Both would be a physical slot machines, no?
I’m going to assume that is what you were talking about.
I have no clue why you think physical REEL slot machines do so well compared to Video REEL slot machines? It’s the Video slot machines that have all but taken over and are much more popular nowadays than reel machines.

It seems as if you’re trying to resurrect physical reel machines with a twist. Thats been done already and it seem like a niche market. Personally, I dislike those types of machines. I really dislike the 90’s reel slot machines, it’s like torture “having to play” those for long periods of time.

If I were you, I would spend my time trying to come up with something completely new and potentially revolutionary, not resurrect the past. What will you do if everything moves online or in some totally different direction?

“We have already previously discussed why bonus rounds are not considered part of the slot game” Yes, you keep mentioning this, it makes me wonder if when there are PHYSICAL REELS involved, they considered two separate things and have special/ different requirements?

I half heartedly read through your proposal(I don’t come here for homework). I noticed you have 7200 spin’s listed as a potential speed, and described being able to play as fast as you can hit the button, just as I did before I ever read any of your proposal. As I already pointed out, there are already video slots out there where you can do just that. I have no clue how fast the new ones with physicals reels can go, but it’s super fast, faster than 95% of the players want to go.

Please don’t take this the wrong way or as me hating on you. From what I did read of your proposal, I didn’t see anything that would make me stop and say, wow that’s really unique, new and interesting.

You said, ” I swear on my life no slot machine comes close to the speed of Royal Slots.”
“comes close” is subjective, please put up a number that would be sufficient. Remember, your statement makes it seem as if your slot is vastly superior in speed, so if you say coming close is 7100 or something high, then what you are really telling us is that your slot is not really all that special when it comes to speed. Do you have a working prototype to prove your slot gets out 7200 SPH?
My slot gets out one million spins per hour, everyone including the casinos wins when they play my slots, my slots will solve world hunger. See how easy that is?

FYI, I’m the last one to be pointing out spelling errors, but, i’m not writing proposals or anything like that. In the last paragraph you spelled the name of your own company wrong(OUCH!!!!!!) >>> U.S. Paper GaNes<<<<

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