WWE legend The Mountie recalls hilarious story from facing The Hart Foundation [Exclusive]


Jacques Rougeau – better known by his in-ring name The Mountie – recently appeared on Inside SKoop with Dr. Chris Featherstone to discuss his life in pro wrestling.

Having been a professional wrestler for so long, naturally, The Mountie has a few funny stories up his sleeve. One of which involved an embarrassing incident where he lost all of his ring gear before a show:

“We’re going in an era when you’re not allowed to check-in your bags at the airport anymore. Because a lot of the guys were coming to the shows saying “I don’t have my gear, I missed my flight.” This or that… So you had to put it in your in your overhead compartment in the plane or you had to bring it with you, you didn’t have a choice. And I didn’t want to do that… It was a long trip, I said “Let’s just check-in our bags. What’s the chances we’ll miss our bags?” So we got into Boston that night and we’re waiting for like 2 hours at the baggage claim. They can’t find our bags. So I went to see BlackJack Lanza at the arena and I said “Listen I’m really sorry.” He said “Jacques, you’re gonna have a fine for that.”

The Mountie ended up wrestling The Hart Foundation in his own clothes

Not to be deterred, The Mountie came up with an ingenious plan to work the situation into the story of a match between himself and The Hart Foundation:

I said “No, no! I don’t want a fine for that! What I want to do is go in my dress clothes, if you don’t mind? Let me go in the ring and tell everybody that they’re really lucky that I can’t kick The Hart Foundation’s butt tonight, because I lost my bag!… Let them come in the ring and let’s start the free-for-all and let’s do the match dressed up in my shirt and my pants and my shoes!”

The idea of The Mountie wrestling a tag team as revered as The Hart Foundation in regular clothing is a hilarious thought and must have been a comical highlight for everyone involved.

You can see more of Dr. Chris Featherstone’s conversation with The Mountie on Inside SKoop here:


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Published 06 Jan 2021, 00:17 IST

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