Zach’s Betting Picks – Week 17

As we wrap up the regular season, I want to thank everyone for following along with me. It’s been a crazy year for betting with COVID creating a lot of problems throughout the season, especially later in the year. I am the type that likes to have complete information in my hands before making my bets, even if that means I lose a point or two here and there. In a season where so much can change with COVID hitting a locker room at the wrong time, I have found a LOT more success as the season has gone on by waiting until late into the weekend to get my money down. So how did the season work out for those who took the ride so far?

Coming into Week 17, I am proud to report that it’s been a very profitable season for me. With one week to go, my record is 38-25-2, just over 60%. Obviously, it could blow up the rest of the way and the wheels could fall off, but so far, so good. I try to make sure that I keep people updated from week to week with my DFS picks, but realized this week that I had not given a broad overview of how things were going for me on the betting side. I am really proud of the success I have had with the picks as COVID really changed things this year in a dramatic way that we might never experience again. Home Field advantage was essentially erased and nearly every game had a neutral field outside of a handful of teams that allowed more than a smattering of fans in their respective stadiums. It was not as easy as it usually is to spot an edge so to come out on top feels great. Hopefully, you were able to adjust your bets along the way and have found yourself profitable going into 2021.

I should also note that as the season comes to a close, Jeff absolutely killed it again for the second year in a row on his season long prop bets. With every bet already settled as to the outcome, he will post a 10-2 record for the 2020 season. This follows up a 12-2 regular season record for 2019 (not counting the longshot bets). You are going to want to make sure that you are subscribing before the end of August next season to make sure that you are getting in on these bets as they will give your bankroll a huge cushion.

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